Raleigh wedding photographer

Brandi Leigh



Behind the Lens

I am a down to earth, fun loving girl, who really and truly loves making people happy. I literally love what I do and it’s so much more than showing up to take pictures.

about ME


Most of my clients tell me I should also be a wedding coordinator. That's because when it comes to your big day, I will be three steps ahead of you at all times. I give guidance and posing assistance. I wrangle the family and make magic happen. 

I have cried with my brides, held their dresses up while they pee, and applied their lip gloss. I have stood (and fell) in lakes and rivers just to get the best shot. I have frantically wiped tears out of my eyes in order to capture the most touching moments for my clients.

If you can't tell by now, I take my job very seriously and I absolutely adore every minute of it. I've been doing this for ten years and my client experience has continued to improve over that time, becoming something that I'm very proud of today. 

This job isn't easy but I do it well and happily so that my clients can have a stress-free and fun time on one of the biggest days of their lives!

Love, Light and Nature are my inspiration and are the heart and soul of this beautiful ride that I’m on.

my favorite things:


 happy place

Anywhere out in nature, I love it so much. It’s where I feel at peace the most and it's what inspires the style of my work!



I could eat Mexican food all day, every day. My go-to? Strawberry Daiquiri & Fajitas.



I LOVE the color blue. It's my absolute favorite. Fun fact; My nails are almost always painted some shade of blue!



Bucket list Destinations: Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Costa Rica, Thailand, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Greece, Japan, Colorado, Iceland, Scotland.



Kira Call pottery is my favorite and I'm obsessed. Especially any of her designs that involve the moon and stars—sign me up!

my promise

I go above and beyond.
Every. Single. Time.

I put in countless hours, thoughts and preparation into what I do. It’s important to me to be there and do my absolute best for my amazing clients. I go above and beyond. Every. Single. Time. and I will continue to do so.


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