Seriously. Amazing. Family. Fall Family Session | Brier Creek

Oh.My.Goodness, ya’ll, lemme tell you! This ENTIRE family is SO amazing. They were all truly such good hearted, loving people. Every single one of them. Not to mention super beautiful and that land, oh my lawd, love!!

We spent a couple hours on the family’s property in Brier Creek, NC. It was such a beautiful day. Between the family, the land and the light, it felt so magical. I’m always so honored to be apart of all of these amazing people’s lives, even for a couple hours. It’s such a beautiful thing and it means a lot to me. This is far beyond a job. I’m so passionate about amazing people, capturing honesty, realness, rawness, just love. It’s truly amazing. I have people tell me time and time again they are so lucky to have found me, I feel the opposite. This makes my heart smile. I hope you can feel the love and magic, while looking at these, just as I did on that beautiful day.

raleigh-family-shoot-raleigh-family-photographerRaleigh-Family-Session-Raleigh-north carolina-photographerRaleigh family shoot, raleigh photographerI know, melts your heart, doesn’t it? Sigh, I love my job! So, so much!

Raleigh-Photographer-NC-photographer- Family - Photo ShootsRaleigh-family-shoots-raleigh-family-photographer-nc-photographerRaleigh-family-shoots-raleigh-family-photographer-nc-photographer9Raleigh-family-shoots-raleigh-family-photographer-nc-photographerRaleigh-family-shoots-raleigh-family-photographer-nc-photographer (2)Raleigh-family-shoots-raleigh-family-photographer-nc-photographerRaleigh-family-shoots-raleigh-family-photographer-nc-photographer (3)Raleigh-family-shoots-raleigh-family-photographer-nc-photographerRaleigh-family-shoots-raleigh-family-photographer-nc-photographer (4)Raleigh-family-shoots-raleigh-family-photographer-nc-photographerRaleigh-family-shoots-raleigh-family-photographer-nc-photographerRaleigh-family-shoots-raleigh-family-photographer-nc-photographerRaleigh-family-shoots-raleigh-family-photographer-nc-photographerRaleigh-family-shoots-raleigh-family-photographer-nc-photographerRaleigh-family-shoots-raleigh-family-photographer-nc-photographerRaleigh-family-shoots-raleigh-family-photographer-nc-photographerRaleigh-family-shoots-raleigh-family-photographer-nc-photographerDSC_9464Raleigh-family-shoots-raleigh-family-photographer-nc-photographerDSC_9469DSC_9487Raleigh-family-shoots-raleigh-family-photographer-nc-photographerRaleigh-family-shoots-raleigh-family-photographer-nc-photographerRaleigh-family-shoots-raleigh-family-photographer-nc-photographerRaleigh-family-shoots-raleigh-family-photographer-nc-photographerHaha, as parents we know all too well the struggle when it comes time to trying to get the little ones to stand still, especially if there’s multiples. After getting the first shot of them standing still (for .2 seconds), we just let them do their thing. I said you know what, it’s okay. Let them be them. Let it be real. In the moment of having a photographer stand in front of you, as a parent, you immediately think, “oh no, Beth come here, Daniel stand there” but really, down the road, I think you’d prefer to have it as it was, as it really was. Memories are everything and while I understand the importance of having a couple “posed” shots, THIS, THIS is amazing to me. This is art, this is real, this is love.

Raleigh-Photographer-brier creek photographer-family photographer

Raleigh photographer-family-photographer-briercreek-photographerDSC_9199DSC_9416DSC_9765DSC_9735DSC_9739DSC_96360DSC_9819DSC_9449DSC_9787DSC_9812DSC_95059DSC_94699DSC_95220DSC_97978

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