So! I recently blogged the engagement session of those two ah-mazingly awesome people! You can see Here! Jonita and Darrell found me on the web and reached out to me. We met up, hung out and got some awesome images of these two love birds at the stunning, Sarah P. Duke Gardens, in Durham, N.C. Such a gorgeous venue! I highly recommend it for your engagement or wedding.

Anyhow! As we walked around snapping images here and there I found out that these two love birds have the sweetest story. So, I asked Jonita to share it with me so I could share it with all of you. Her hope is that she can put a smile on someone’s face, her heart is so full of love. <3

” Darrell and I met in 7th Grade. We had two classes together. It was around May when we first got together. One day after school two of our friends came up to me and told me he wanted to go out with me. I said yes, and we finished out the school year “going out”. The next year he moved to another city and went to a different school and we just went our separate ways. While I was in 9th grade the phone rang one night and it was Darrell calling me from Birmingham, where he had moved to. We talked for a little while and caught up on old times (until my mom told me it was late and I needed to get of of the phone). We lost touch for a while, but got back in touch in 11th grade sometime after he moved back to California. We ended up talking again and getting back together, but it ended up not working out so again went our separate ways. After high school he left for the Army and I left for school in Birmingham. One day I was thinking about him so I called the last number that I knew he had (his dad’s phone number), and talked to his dad. I asked if I could get Darrell’s address at boot camp so I could write to him. He gave me the address and I sent him a letter. We kept in touch for a while until I left Birmingham to go back to California where I joined the Air Force. I let him know I joined the military them we lost contact. I got through my first phase of training and went to California to continue my second phase of training. I was staying at my mom’s house until training was completed. I was asleep one day and my mom’s phone rang. I answered it and it was Darrell. He was calling my mom to ask her if he could get my information so he could get in touch with me, but wasn’t expecting for me to be the one who answered the phone. We talked for a while and kept in touch. It ended up sparking a relationship between us again. When the holidays came around, he came to visit me. We spent Christmas with my family and New Year’s with his. While he was there, he proposed to me. Of course i said yes! A few days later he ended up leaving back to where he was stationed and we ended up not working out. After losing contact for a while, I was in a relationship, got married, and had a son. I ended up leaving the country and went to Germany for a few months. I was in the store one day and ran into Darrell, he happened to be stationed at a base out there the same time I was out there. We lost contact and a few years later while passing through a base in Afghanistan I was at the store and I ran into Darrell (for a second time outside of the United States). He happened to be just passing through the base as well. We hung out until it was time for me to leave. Stayed in touch for a while then lost touch on bad terms. A couple of years later I reached out to him. I apologized for the way things turned out and I just wanted to check on him. He didn’t seem too pleased to hear from me, but ultimately told me he still loves me, and that was all I needed to read. We ended up deciding to get back together to give it one last try…this time giving it our absolute all. I have never felt a love like I feel being with Darrell.  He proposed to me a year ago. We have been going very strong ever since we got back in contact. There is nothing that can even come close to describing the happiness that has overfilled my heart since he has been back in my life. He is my heart, my soul mate, my best friend, and other half. Fate always found a way to bring us back together, and the love we have for one another will keep us together…Everything happens for a reason, and if Darrell and I hadn’t gone through the struggle, we wouldn’t be as strong as we are today…It is definitely a blessing to be able to say that next year I will marry my very first love… ”


After learning their story I snuck over to Jonita’s Instagram page and found a letter she had shared from Darrell that read ” We’ll always be soulmates “, so of course, my heart melted and I just HAD to have this engraved on their custom packaging I had made up!:)


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Hello lovelies! So, I will be in Jupiter, Florida the weekend of March 4th,5th and 6th to photograph the sweetest couples wedding! I have a very limited amount of availability on Saturday, March 5th, as well as Sunday March 6th but I wanted the opportunity to meet and see my amazing Florida friends! I can do Engagement sessions, Maternity, couple or even a wedding, depending on the details! So, Please email me: brandileighphotography@gmail.com to reserve your spot with me!:)Can’t wait to meet you!!




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