Meet Brandi Leigh

 Hey There! I’m Brandi Leigh! :)

I am a southern girl, I was born and raised in Raleigh, N.C and I am an absolute believer in LIVING life, not just existing. I am IN LOVE with awesome, good hearted people, and feeling and experiencing life to the fullest.

A few of my favorite things are; Nature, I love nature so much and it’s truly a big part of who I am and I mean dirt.. c’mon now, seriously.. awesome!! I can’t live without music, I swear it’s good for the soul. I’m also in love with the color blue! My nails are almost always some random shade of blue, it may be kind of a B.L signature thing


About My Style;

Dreamy. Emotion-filled. Earthy. Best describes my work. Love, Light and Nature are my inspiration and are the heart and soul of this beautiful ride that I’m on. All of which, makes my heart and soul smile.


About me;

I am based in Raleigh, N.C and travel all over the world capturing love stories and absolutely LOVE it! Seriously, Paalease send some me where I’ve never been! I actually prefer to travel, rather than shoot locally.

Places I’ve been: Belize, New Orleans, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, New York City, Georgia, South Carolina, Key West, and Washington D.C, we’d love to add more locations or we’re definitely happy to revisit any of these destinations!:)

Bucket list Destinations: Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Fiji, Hawaii, Tennessee, Texas, Las Vegas


Who I am;

I am a down to earth, fun loving girl, who really and truly loves making people happy. I love to be happy. I love to be goofy and enjoy life. I literally love what I do and it’s so much more than showing up taking pictures. I have met some of the greatest people that have become life long friends through this journey. I’ve witnessed and been apart of the most amazing moments a person can experience. I have cried with my brides, I have held dresses up while they pee, I have played tic tac toe on the carpet with my sweet, sweet bride when she was sitting on the floor, holding her dress, upset, waiting for everyone to stop what they were doing to help her put it on, just to make her smile. I have applied lip gloss, I have stood (and fell) in lakes and rivers just to get the best shot. I have frantically wiped tears out of my eyes in order to capture a little life being brought into this beautiful world. What I do is beautiful and who and what I capture is beautiful.


I put in countless hours, thoughts and preparation into what I do. It’s important to me, it’s a big deal to me, to be there and do my absolute best for my amazing clients. I go above and beyond .Every.Single.Time. and will continue until I am no longer capturing all of these beautiful souls I have the privilege of capturing.

I cannot wait to meet you and capture all of your beautiful moments! Talk soon!:)


Wedding Collections begin at $3,500

Custom A La Carte Wedding Collections begin at $2,000

Please inquire for details.